IKT 4004 “Turkey’s Economy” and IKT 4009 “Money and Capital Markets” courses have been added to the course list that will be opened at 2013-2014 Academic Year Summer School for the Department of Economics

Return of robes which are distributed for Graduation Ceremony


Our faculty 68. Graduation Ceremony

Sümer KÜHEYLAN who is retired lecturer of our university has died.

Our Faculty’s 68th Graduation Ceremony Date Announcement

“TUBITAK at line of National Targets” Briefing


The Memorial Books was presented to Prof. Dr. Fevzi DEVRİM at the 16th Traditional Picnic of the Department of Finance

Presentations Related to Career Opportunities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


“Memory Techniques Training” which will be held by Acedemy Club – CANCELED –

Financial Awareness Training named “I Can Manage My Money” powered by Academy Club

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