Public Administration

Higher Economy and Trade School, on which contemporary Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences was founded upon, was established on September 9th, 1944. It was renamed as Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy on June 8th, 1959 by the by the Law No. 7334. It was included in Ege University as a faculty in 1968. With the establishment of Dokuz Eylül University by Decree Law No. 41 on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions, it was joined the establishment as Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Contemporarily, the Faculty consists of seven departments which are Business Administration, Economics, Public Finance, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Public Administration, Econometrics and Management Information Systems. All departments have both day and evening formal education programmes.
In functional meaning, public administration means making and implementing public policies. In addition to this, it refers to the organizational structure of the state in structural meaning. Public administration is an activity, a discipline and an occupation. Besides, it has an interdisciplinary characteristic which includes many disciplines. These characteristics of public administration make easier to solve the problems of the public. Because public administration is formed as a whole of operations and activities like making, implementing, planning, organizing of public policies, directing and coordination. Public Administration Programme maintains an education on characteristics and implementation of public administration as a whole.

Profile of the Programme
The undergraduate programme in Public administration aims to educate students with a theoretical background which also includes knowing the theories about public administration, accessing to information and the ability to interpret information. In that way, it is aimed for the students to gain theoretical knowledge in the fields of political science, urban and environmental problems, administrative sciences and law. Also it is aimed to associate theoretical knowledge with the practices by using the different methods such as paper, project and field research.
In Public Administration Undergraduate Programme, beginning from the third semester, there also are elective courses that can be selected for specialization in various fields. Some of these elective courses are thought in English and/or French and Erasmus exchange students can be registered to these courses. In addition, local students can benefit both from Farabi Exchange Program through Turkish Universities and Erasmus exchange Program through European universities for one or two semesters.
In the 2012-2013 Academic Year, Department of Public Administration continues education and research activities with an academic staff consists of 2 professors, 4 associate professor, 7 assistant professors and 12 research assistants.

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