To the Attention of Our Internship Students! Internship Date Range Has Been Updated.



  • Pursuant to paragraph 4 of the 10th article of DEU Student Internship Directive, the documents listed below must be submitted to the advisory department of the DEU FEAS Student Affairs Office no later than 7 (seven) days before the internship starts. The application of the student who does not deliver the documents within the specified period will not be taken.
  • 1) Internship student information form (Click here to download.) 2) TC ID Card photocopy 3) Health provision document showing who is taken care of by SSI.
  • If an internship is to be held in more than one place, dates should be determined so that there are no empty days between the two internships.
  • The internship period of the students who take courses in the summer education program starts after the summer education ends.
  • If the student gives up internship, it is compulsory to inform the relevant Faculty Student Affairs Unit within three working days. Otherwise, over-invested insurance expenses are collected from the student.  (Click here to download cancelation document)
  • As a result of the applications, SGK login information form will be sent to your e-mail address according to your request. The document will be sent to your e-mail address within 3 working days if you send the e-mail containing your TR ID number, your name and surname to the address. SGK login information form will not be delivered by hand.
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